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Regenerative Medicine in Tucson

Regenerative Medicine offers a non-surgical pain relief option and an alternative to joint replacement and surgery.

At The Fix Medical, we strongly believe that the body heals best when it heals itself.  Our office uses Human Cell and Tissue Products (HCTPs), which is a specific type of regenerative medicine that uses HCTPs to promote regeneration and healing.

This course of treatment is known to help patients suffering from an acute injury or degeneration - and eliminates the risks of an invasive surgical procedure.

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Our Typical Treatment Plan

Our regenerative medicine patients each have a unique care plan depending upon the precise nature of their pain source. For some patients, a single injection is enough to jump-start the process and no further treatment will be recommended. For other patients with more severe or widespread pain, a second injection may be necessary. 

The best course of treatment is discussed at length with your medical provider following a full examination and x-rays to determine if you are a candidate for regenerative medicine.

Interested in regenerative medicine for your chronic pain?

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Our Testimonials

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Elbow Pain

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