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Arthritis Treatment in Tucson

Arthritis basically means inflammation of one or more joints. The most common arthritis occurs from lack of movement or too much movement, injuries which can occur from falls, car accidents, sports injuries, bad posture, and flat feet, just to name a few. While the risk of developing arthritis does increase with age, other factors may also contribute to forming arthritis. Family history always plays into whether or not arthritis is likely to develop. Obesity and overweight issues are likely to cause degeneration of the spine and discs.

Symptoms of arthritis vary. People may experience swelling, stiffness, redness, tingling, numbness, pinching, tenderness, a decreased range of motion, increased pain after physical activity, difficulty with bending or walking, and more. Arthritis may lead to undergoing painful and costly surgery.

The following treatments may be recommended for arthritis: